The 27 Most Innovative Eid Gifts in North America (+ Coupons)

Over the last year, Muslim artists, educators, authors, designers, and engineers have been busy creating a world of new products to serve the Muslim community in North America. For many of these entrepreneurs, the month of Ramadan is a critical time to gain support to sustain their efforts.

Amin Aaser, Managing Director of Noor Kids, summarizes this, saying, “The North American Muslim community is small and the investment that we make to produce work with excellence (ihsan) is significant.”

But, for many young and innovative companies, gaining awareness among the Muslim community isn’t easy. We’ve compiled a list of 27 of the most innovative Eid gifts to shine a light on their great work. As added incentive for you to support their work, we’ve included a high-value coupon for each company.

Eid Gifts for Kids

Noor Kids: Islamic children’s books for ages 4-8

In the challenging environment for Muslims in North America, Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported educational services organization that seeks to build confidence in the identity of young Muslims. The Noor Kids team develops parent and educator whitepapers, delivers community enrichment programs, and publishes children’s activity books. Since launching, their work has been welcomed into over 25,000 homes across 25 countries.

Follow the stories of Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira as they play, experiment, grow, and learn through the Noor Kids Islamic activity book series. Each book is designed to help children think critically (taffakur) about faith such that they build a love and understanding of Islam.

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Jannah Jewels: Chapter book series for ages 9-13

Are you looking for an exciting chapter book for your pre-teen that has both adventure and teaches Islamic history in a fun and engaging way? Check out the Jannah Jewels chapter book series! These books draw attention to major achievements in Islamic heritage all wrapped up in an engrossing, action-packed story that will inspire your children.

Countless testimonials from parents all around the world describe how Jannah Jewels has played an important role in helping young boys and girls feel proud of their Muslim identity. Readers see themselves in the stories and easily relate to the Jannah Jewels characters, while at the same time learning valuable Islamic knowledge approved by Islamic scholars. Jannah Jewels is a 12-book series created by Umm Nura / Naz (@jannahjewels and @learnlittlemuslims). And, the company proudly donates a portion of its sales to charity.

To download a special Eid coupon for Jannah Jewels, click here.

Rafiq & Friends: Islamic children’s books

Rafiq & Friends seeks to empower young Muslims to develop a strong identity with confidence and resilience to set a solid foundation for all the challenges they have yet to face. The company aims to help children develop love and excitement around characters that embody Muslim-oriented characteristics, morals, priorities, and traditions.

Rafiq & Friends is so much more than Islamic education – it is a source of fun, joy, silliness, laughter, and self-expression through Muslim characters. Rafiq & Friends is unique because it goes beyond books by incorporating activities and games into children’s lives to create a bond between children and these positive Muslim-oriented characters.

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Child’s Cup Full: Handmade children’s educational toys for ages 0-7

Child’s Cup Full is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to create lasting economic opportunities for Palestinian refugee and low-income mothers in the West Bank. The organization trains and employs women artisans to make beautifully handcrafted, educational children’s toys for children ages 0-7. The toys are designed with soft fabrics for hands-on, tactile learning. Additionally, Child’s Cup Full produces toys for language learning in Arabic, English, and Spanish, as well as interactive toys for use at home and in the classroom. The products are fair trade certified with Fair Trade Federation, and ship from Portland, Oregon, USA. All proceeds from their sales help to sustain and grow the women’s economic empowerment programs in Palestine.

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Eid Gifts for Her

Haute Hijab: Brand-name hijabs

Haute Hijab is the leading hijab brand in the US. The company produces uniquely-curated hijab prints and high-quality fabrics. In addition to providing finely-crafted and elegant products, they aim to instill confidence in hijab-wearing women worldwide. Haute Hijab also facilitates support for those struggling with hijab and features on their blog inspiring women who significantly contribute to their communities. Haute Hijab releases weekly collections of stylish hijabs in unique prints and high-quality chiffon, jersey, satin, modal, and viscose fabrics.

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Darzah: Handmade ethical fashion

Darzah is a collection of fair trade, Palestinian “tatreez” embroidered products, hand-stitched by talented refugee and low-income women artists in the West Bank. The mission of Darzah is twofold: 1) to create economic opportunities for women artisans, their families, and their communities, and 2) to celebrate tatreez embroidery and Palestinian cultural heritage. Darzah is a project of Child’s Cup Full, a non-profit women’s empowerment initiative based in the West Bank.

To download a special Eid coupon for Darzah, click here.

Hijab-ista: Runway styles for Muslim fashionistas

Hijab-ista is a company created to provide confidence and comfort to Muslimahs in the west. The goal of the organization is to make every hijab-wearing girl and woman feel welcome and comfortable in society by wearing hijabs that are made of fabrics that provide comfort, durability, and style. They design each hijab with the customer in mind. Hijab-ista takes into account that this fabric needs to be comfortable, stylish, and adhere to modesty requirements to help customers feel stylish and confident without compromising their religious beliefs.

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LA Modesty: One-stop shop for high-quality hijabs

The mission of LA Modesty is to offer quality hijabs to the community and to bring inspiration and innovation to the modest women around the world. They believe in community over competition, and aim to support the community in any way they can. They carefully select each product to make sure they meet customers’ needs and expectations. LA Modesty, the community’s brand, is for the modest woman to practice her faith while remaining confident and trendy.

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 ASIYA Gear: Sports hijabs for Muslimahs

ASIYA’s mission is to help enable more Muslim girls and women to be physically active and participate in sports, while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs. ASIYA honors and encourages Muslim women of all ages—from young girls to adults—to experience a new level of confidence, cultural integrity, comfort, and health through physical fitness and sport. ASIYA is a Muslim woman-owned business and proudly manufactures its products in the USA.

ASIYA sports hijabs come in three styles and were designed specifically for physical activity and sports. All ASIYA sports hijabs are made with ultra-lightweight and soft ASIYA®Cool Technology Fabric, for ultimate sweat-wicking performance and breathability. Stay cool and dry while going your hardest!

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Eid Gifts for Him

Elegance Beard: Reviving the sunnah, one beard at a time

Elegance Beard believes in helping men revive the sunnah and take pride in their beards. They support bearded men by providing them with all-natural and halal grooming products that maintain the health and look of their beards. Elegance Beard strives to be the go-to experts for all beard-related issues: health, growth, and appearance. They strive to provide high-quality, all-natural, and 100% halal beard products to men. They are also the pioneer in creating a halal and vegan beard brush since most high-quality brushes on the market are made from boar bristles. They believe in beauty and thus have distinguished themselves with a unique and elegant logo and packaging design.

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 Mystic Man: Sedr-based beard oil

Mystic Man brings the power of sedr to personal care products, creating premium beard oil. Used for centuries in the Mediterranean, sedr extract has been known to condition skin and hair, while also stimulating hair growth. Sedr is mentioned in authentic narrations as having been used by the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Additionally, the sedr tree is mentioned multiple times in the Qur’an as being a sacred tree.

Mystic Man is inspired by the power of positive influence of the great mystics of history and strives toward leaving the world a better place through sustainability, extraordinary service, social goodness, and higher ethical values. Mystic Man Beard Oil was founded to bring mystic values to men’s personal care and grooming. All products are 100% natural, USDA-certified organic, and sourced from sustainable ingredients.

To download a special Eid coupon for Mystic Man, click here.

New Age & Co.: Premium bearded style

New Age & Co. provides customers with the highest in premium lifestyle products, which are not only organic and vegan, but also 100% halal. Their aim is that their brand can help Muslims worldwide benefit from a conscientious and healthy lifestyle, enabling them to live their lives following their religion while using modern products rooted in time-tested ingredients they can trust.

The company gives back to those in need with its policy of donating 10% of proceeds to charity. New Age & Co. prides itself on ensuring that the ingredients used are 100% halal, organic, and vegan without compromising on quality to provide premium products to customers. They have a variety of products for all including beard oils, beard balms, body (oil) serums, organic shampoo, and conditioner, as well as apparel.

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Eid Cards / Gifts

Mommylicious Crafts: Customized handmade goods

The mission of Mommylicious Crafts is to provide quality handmade and customized products that fit every buyer’s needs. Samantha Salem, the founder, designs in both English and Arabic which is a plus since Muslims can rarely find Arabic names on anything mainstream! Her products are all custom-designed or her original designs. Her goal is to turn the customer’s visual request into a real tangible product for them to gift to loved ones. She believes that the best gifts are those that are thoughtfully personalized.

To download a special Eid coupon for Mommylicious Crafts, click here.

The Blue Orient: Art with an Eastern influence

The Blue Orient creates modern art and goods based on the love of the divine, and fascination with the digital. The Blue Orient creates handmade paper goods and other products for Muslims who like a modern aesthetic.

Everything is made 100% by the creator, Ifrah Akhter, and with tons and tons of heart. All her work has a personal touch, either by brush-lettered words or paintings, which she integrates on a digital platform.

To download a special Eid coupon for The Blue Orient, click here.

IMAAN Shop: Beautiful Qur’ans for all

IMAAN Shop is the largest retailer and wholesaler for colored Qur’ans in North America. Every purchase allows the company to donate a percentage of profits monthly to many causes around the world such as providing for Syrian refugees and orphans, building schools, mosques, and water wells, and supporting women from abusive homes. They also now offer free English Qur’ans for US customers.

IMAAN Shop strives to be an Islamic community that inspires Muslims to improve their imaan and attracts Non-Muslims to learn the beauty of Islam. The founder shares her experience as the journey of a struggling soul who wants to be a better Muslim and be able to motivate others through her story. The vision is for people of all faiths to feel welcomed.

To download a special Eid coupon for IMAAN Shop, click here.

Silver Envelope: Eid party in a box

Silver Envelope makes celebrating Muslim holidays fun for kids and easy for parents. They design and produce a range of party and stationery products for everyday use and for special occasions, incorporating elements of Islamic art. They offer Ramadan and Eid party kits that are a “party in a box.” You just put the kit together, prepare some food, invite kids to celebrate, and you’re set!

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Home Décor / Islamic Art

Days of Eid: Mommy-approved Ramadan/Eid décor

The mission of Days of Eid is to create products that make Ramadan and Eid a festive and celebratory time of year for Muslim families. It is also to create Ramadan and Eid awareness and inshaAllah one day make Eid a national holiday.

Days of Eid products incorporate modern style with Islamic art to create top-of-the-line quality items that will last forever, are mommy-approved, and are simple to set up. They are passionate about incorporating light into most of their products and encourage people to display their lit products to promote dawah.

To download a special Eid coupon for Days of Eid, click here.

Home Synchronize: Modern home décor with a Middle Eastern flavor

The vision of Home Synchronize is to be a trusted source of information and products for decorating with Middle Eastern influence. The company’s mission is to simplify home décor for anyone interested in the rich culture of the Middle East.

Home Synchronize creates some of their products by hand and personally selects the products that they purchase from the Middle East to ensure quality and authenticity. They select only those products that are handmade and not mass-produced.

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Ahlan Art: The highest-quality Islamic art from around the world

Ahlan Art is one of the first Islamic art galleries in the world, creating a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. They invest and support artists through tailored mentoring programs, exhibitions, workshops, and networking events. Ahlan Art uses art as a medium to approach global challenges and create a dialogue between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Each and every art piece on their website has a story, which is passed on to collectors so they can connect with both the piece and the artist. They feature artists from around the world, giving access to all artists irrespective of culture or background. Every piece is long-lasting, created with love and care.

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With A Spin: Helping your family create experiences & cherished memories

With A Spin helps Muslim families create experiences and cherished memories using their unique, high-quality, stylish products inspired by Islamic heritage. They bring faith, passion, and purpose together to keep Islam in the center stage of everyday living. They only source from trusted partners, support the community, and give back to charity.

They are focused on the unique Muslim lifestyle and the intersection of modern design, affordability, and community. Everything they sell—from home décor and bakeware to stationery and seasonal favorites—is made with one goal in mind: to help customers express their personal style at home and in the world.

To download a special Eid coupon for With A Spin, click here.

Siraj Shop: Islamic lifestyle products from all around the world

The mission of Siraj is to be an example of social, environmental, and ethical responsibility within the halal business ecosystem. Their vision is to raise the standards in business and contribute to the Ummah through a unique and exclusive collection of Islamic lifestyle products from all around the world. They offer the best products under one roof without compromising on quality and ethics.

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Journey of a Pen: Modern calligraphy & watercolor art

Journey of a Pen aims to spread a message of faith and inspiration through artwork. Many of the quotes that Sara Atiyat, the founder, uses in her pieces inspire her deeply, and her hope is that they can bring inspiration to you and your loved ones too. Journey of a Pen is a completely homemade business. Sara paints and hand-letters each piece with love.

To download a special Eid coupon for Journey of a Pen, click here.

Studio Melk: Mandalas & Ethiopian iconography

Studio Melk is an art and design studio located in Washington, DC, that showcases the work of talented artist and photographer, MelkeTsadek. Ornate Visions is his latest collection of fine wall art inspired by Islamic art motifs including calligraphy, vegetal designs, and geometric tessellations. MelkeTsadek’s meditative and healing artwork seeks to connect us to our center and remind us of our relation to the infinite.

The Ornate Visions Collection includes ready-to-hang abstract wall art and interior décor pieces for your home, business, or office. The artwork is printed on metal using a dye sublimation process creating an extraordinary color vibrance and regal archival quality guaranteed to last many lifetimes.

To download a special Eid coupon for Studio Melk, click here.

EidWay: Ramadan, Eid, & Islamic-themed decorations

The goal of Eidway is to be the number one manufacturer of Ramadan, Eid, and Islamic-themed decorations in North America. They want to offer all Muslim families the option to buy quality holiday decorations for great prices. Eidway products are designed to be functional, unique, and green. Most of Eidway’s products are reusable due to their high durability, so they are great for mosques, schools, and the home. They offer a great variety and colors to fit every style, from sophisticated to fun and colorful.

To download a special Eid coupon for EidWay, click here.

Maysan Etching: Eco-friendly real wood 3D wall decoration

Maysan Etching provides eco-friendly real wood 3D wall decoration. This wall art gives an extra dimension to your walls. Maysan’s wall art is made of real natural wood, hand-finished and individually-carved to get you an art design that gives you pride. Dynamic, attractive, and elegant custom designs… Maysan Etching has got it all! These vivid designs give an appealing effect to your walls.

As a woodcarving artist, Saud Omran likes to create art that reflects his vision for displaying the natural beauty of the wood. His unique etching workmanship is a challenging art that depends on the natural grains of the material. His wood masterpieces are sure to delight.

To download a special Eid coupon for Maysan Etching, click here.

Simply Impressions: Unique modern Islamic-themed home art

Simply Impressions designs unique modern and traditional pieces with a whimsical twist. They started with vinyl decals and are gradually expanding into wood products. Established in 2011, Simply Impressions was the first woman-owned American company creating Islamic art using vinyl decals. They are focused on bringing affordable art to our community that is inspired by the Qur’an, our Islamic teachings, and Muslim heritage.

To download a special Eid coupon for Simply Impressions, click here.

Modern Muslim Home: Filling the void in affordable, modern Islamic home décor

Your home offers insight into who you are, and as American Muslims, our homes should reflect our own unique culture. Modern Muslim Home creates beautiful, meaningful products that have a cultural aesthetic that American Muslims can relate to. The home décor that they sell is a way to make your home more beautiful, your daily life more inspired, and your heart more fulfilled.

The vision of Modern Muslim Home is to inspire you to be your best possible self. It’s the smallest things that can beautify and enrich your daily life, whether it be a motivational mug for your favorite hot drink, a captivating verse from the Qur’an on your wall, a creative idea, or a mouth-watering recipe that brings love and warmth into your home. Modern Muslim Home creates a sweeter, more inspired every day for you and your family.

To download a special Eid coupon for Modern Muslim Home, click here.


This year, make Eid truly memorable with gifts that reflect your faith, values, and style. In turn, your purchases will support these Muslim companies in continuing to produce such excellent work for the benefit of our community. Take advantage of these special Eid coupons today and bring happiness to your friends and family through celebration and gift-giving!


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