Something Special (an excerpt)

Editor’s Note: Most people think the term a “Muslim romance author” is an oxymoron, but Islamic history reveals that stories of a romantic or sensual nature are very much a part of our tradition. After all, sexuality, love and marriage are as much a part of a Muslim’s humanity as they are…

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Love or Marriage?

Can religious Muslims choose to wait for love or must they settle down with the most practical match? We all grapple with this question, especially if we hit our late 20s and have not yet married. What is it that I really want? We all desire both love and marriage,…

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Festoun: a brush of romance

Festóun’s apparel combines serene colors, crystal embellishments, and flowing fabrics all in the form of kaftans and chiffon belted dresses accompanied by a brush of romance in the sleeves. The woman behind these creations is Samah Dakhil, a designer and student at UC Berkeley who infuses her pieces with her Libyan heritage.

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