single mom

Professor Calms Baby so Mom Can Stay in Class

A baby started crying during the organizational behavior class of lecturer Sydney Engelberg, his daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, told BuzzFeed News. The mother got up to leave, but the professor took the child in his arms so the she could stay. This photo says volumes to many moms who pursue their…

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Give Muhammad a chance

At 21 I married a man five years older than me. The second time around, at 31, I married a man five years younger than me.*

Eight years into our marriage, it still sends little shock waves through people when I mention this. There are sometimes oooohs and aaahhhs, eyes get bigger and rounder, and I can almost see folks wanting to high five me and slap my husband on the back for biting the bullet and marrying an older, divorced, single mom. I have, no joke, been asked at least a dozen times how I managed to pull this off.

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