Professor Calms Baby so Mom Can Stay in Class


A baby started crying during the organizational behavior class of lecturer Sydney Engelberg, his daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, told BuzzFeed News.

The mother got up to leave, but the professor took the child in his arms so the she could stay.

This photo says volumes to many moms who pursue their education while raising kids. The support system you put in place when making the decision to go to school will play an intricate part of your success in this endeavor. The journey will not be easy, but professors like this empower and enable moms to pursue their goals.

Women juggle multiple moving parts in their lives: work, family, school, etc. Much has been written about having it all, not having it all or trying to do it all. See here, here, and here. Women don’t always have the luxury of choice. Many have to do it all because they are the sole breadwinner and run single parent households. This fact of life is made a little bit easier when members of your community pitch in so you can get it done.

(Photo via / Via Sarit Fishbaine from BuzzFeed article)

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