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South Asian-American Men Balance Tradition and Modernity to Find a Bride

The Urdu phrase “bus bohot hogiya hay” sends chills down Umair Khan’s spine. Roughly translated as “enough already,” it’s something Mr. Khan, 34, a Manhattan lawyer, has heard uttered by his mother, his aunt and their Pakistani-American friends on several occasions, lately with increasing exasperation. The frustration stems from Mr….

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Quantico, ABC’s new FBI thriller

The excitement of seeing a South Asian woman and a Muslim woman as main characters is quickly subsumed by the frustration of yet-again stereotypical/prejudicial story lines in ABC’s newest television drama airing this fall, Quantico. ABC released its official trailer of the show on Monday, May 12. Bollywood actress Priyanka…

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On matchmaking

In a piece in which I discussed the ways we can reform traditional South Asian marriage customs, I touched upon the role of matchmakers. Their role is one I had been pondering long before I conceived those thoughts.

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