14 Novels on Muslim Life That Shouldn’t Be Missed

[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”from Buzzfeed:”]   Great roundup of books on Muslim life- books for people interested in any genre. You can check out even more books by/for/on Muslims in our Culture: Books section! The list of “Books to Read” goes on and on.   Here are some additional suggestions by…

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The Power of Story

[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Footnotes on science fiction, politics & Muslim protagonists”] I remember the first, bonafide adult books I read: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. They changed me irreparably and began a lifelong addiction to science fiction. Kurt Vonnegut helped me understand the trauma…

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Our Voices, Episode 1: Muslim Women Writers and Their Writing and Publishing Experiences

[title maintitle=”AltMontage Presents: ” subtitle=”Our Voices: Muslim Women Writers and Their Writing and Publishing Experiences”] Hosted by writer/mentor: Na’Aisha Malika B Austin. Produced and Directed by Sabina Khan-Ibarra. For the first episode, we asked listeners, If you had the opportunity to ask a published author/editor a question, what would you…

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