#MuslimWomenArts Tweet Round Up

On February 27, 2015 at 6:00pmEST/9:00pm PST, altMuslimah (“altM”) hosted the #MuslimWomenArts Twitter chat. This conversation was a prelude to a celebration of Muslim Women Artists at altM’s 6th birthday on March 8th, hosted by Princeton Muslim Life in Princeton, NJ.

We were joined by Aisha Saeed, a rising literary star and author of, Written in the Stars (Penguin, 2015). Her riveting, debut novel is a tale of love and adversity in the life of a Pakistani American high school senior. We spoke to Aisha about her book, spirituality, and the social change she hopes her work can help facilitate. Our second Twitter guest was Zainab Chaudary, who works in politics by day and is a writer by night. Her blog, The Memorist, ruminates upon travel, religion, science, relationships, and the past, present, and future experiences that make up a life.

altM asked the following questions:


Is creative writing a meditative & spiritual process for you?”


Does prayer or meditation play a role in transitioning you into your creative process?



Do the spiritual and creative realms help tap into the other?


When are you your most creative self? What factors help facilitate a writer’s flow?


Throughout history we’ve seen art as a catalyst for social change. What changes does your art aspire to make?


What are some challenges Muslim women face in their communities for pursuing careers in the arts?


Who are some Muslim women artists who have personally moved you? 

 (Tweet was ReTweeted by Sakina Jaffrey!)


What are some must-reads by Muslim women authors?


What type of support do Muslim women artists need to continue creating art? 


For tickets: Muslim Women Artists on #InternationalWomensDay 3/8/15 https://www.facebook.com/events/804100479669550/

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