Asma Uddin addresses Muslim gender issues with TE’A

On February 25, 2010, Altmuslimah’s Asma Uddin spoke with the actors of TE’A about Muslim gender issues.
On February 25, 2010, Asma Uddin spoke with the actors of the TE’A group to guide the content of their play, Under the Veil.

What is The TE’A Project?
TE’A stands for Theatre, Engagement and Action.

The TE’A Project combines story collection, theatrical performance, and facilitated dialogue in a process that makes it possible for us to engage imaginatively with the barriers of social and cultural difference that divide us… deepen our insight into the clash of cares and threats that locks us into conflict with each other; and awaken our curiosity and concern to discover new possibilities for action to transform the way we treat and relate to each other.

The TE’A Project combines time-tested techniques of interactive, documentary-style theatre with the Insight Approach -a new breakthrough in the theory and practice of conflict resolution.

The TE’A Project builds peace by helping people cross the barriers of religious and cultural difference that divide them.

The TE’A Project plans to operate in communities across the United States and abroad. Wherever it operates, TE’A creates a Company of talented young artists who are committed enough to dedicate their artistic gifts to the challenge of building peace in their communities, and creative enough to employ cutting-edge developments in the theory and practice of conflict resolution to create a high quality, documentary-style performance piece.

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