Altmuslimah at the United Nations

Media Advisory: Asma Uddin Speaking at United Nations panel parallel to Commission on Status of Women meeting in New York. Post-event coverage can be found here.
What: NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief: A Woman’s Right to Believe: Overlooked in Beijing

When: Thursday, March 4 from 10:30am -11:30am

Where: Church Center 777 United Nations Plaza, 10th Floor

Panel II

Asma Uddin,
Editor-in-Chief at Altmuslimah and Attorney at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

Merve S. Kavakçı,
Professor at the George Washington University

Taslima Nasrin,
Research Scholar at New York University

Heisoo Shin/ Shanti Dairam,
Vice-Chair of the UN CEDAW/ Member of the UN CEDAW

Why: In light of the current debate on women’s religious dress in France and the Netherlands, the discussion of a woman’s right to express her religion without the interference of the state has come to the forefront of religious liberty discussions. In the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing, the rights that were discussed as being afforded to women did not include religious freedom. Although those rights were later amended to include religious liberty, this panel, being held parallel to the United Nation’s meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women, seeks to uncover the broader implications and importance of promoting and protecting women’s religious rights.
(Source: The Becket Fund)

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