Asma Uddin at 92Y Wisdom Thinkers Roundtable, moderated by Arthur Miller

Searching for Answers and Wisdom in a Post 9/11 World: Emmy Award Winner, Arthur Miller, in a public dialogue with the Wisdom Thinkers Network

Immediately following the attacks, Americans seemingly came together, conversations were more civil and religious institutions saw their attendance rise. But within months, we were back to “normal,” increasingly dominated by fear and narrow ideology. Are we destined to live in conflict or can sharing wisdom from both our sacred and secular traditions help break the gridlock and lead to better informed decisions for peace? How can we nurture our children to become engaged citizens and create a more compassionate, pluralistic, civil society? And what role can each of us play?

Moderator: Arthur Miller, Emmy Award winning moderator of the Fred Friendly Seminars, and currently University Professor, NYU Law School Convener: Ralph Singh, Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network


> Karolyn Buys, international youth leader and conflict mediator
> James R. Doty, M.D, Founding Director, Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University
> Richard (Dick) Ehst, President and COO, Customers Bank, ranked 4th in the nation
> Dr. Noor Gillani, Chairman, Pyar Foundation and ret’d NASA scientist
> Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Co-President Clal, popular Washington Post Commentator
> Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman, complexity theory pioneer, author of “Reinventing the Sacred”
> Rabbi Irwin Kula, Co-President Clal, Walter Cronkite Award Winner
> Dr. Nina Lynn Meyerhof, Ed.D., Founder, Children of the Earth
> R. Gustav Niebuhr, Professor and Noted Journalist
> Iya Amibelle Olatunji, African American Matriarch
> Carlos Portes, distinguished Latino representative and liaison at Ground Zero
> Diane Schenandoah, Native American artist and Wolf Clan Faith Keeper
> Dr. Naresh Singh, one of world’s leading experts in poverty reduction and advocates for sustainable livelihoods
> Asma Uddin, lawyer, and founder and editor-in-chief,

8:15- 9:30pm
Thursday, September 8, 2011
92nd Street Y, Lexington at 92nd Street, New York, N.Y

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