3 Ways to wear a graphic tee if you’re done with bum sweats


Photo Source: Sania Siddiqui

As school begins and the weather becomes chilly, I just want to throw on some sweatpants and a comfy tee.  But then again I also hate looking a bum. Thanks to fashion, there is a solution: graphic tees! These tees are perfect for fall and can be dressed up or down. I love tees with powerful statements, especially these latest ones that are targeted for the Muslim audience. Here are three shirts from three different amazing companies all styled for comfort:

1. Laid Back Leather

photo 5

Photo Source: Sania Siddiqui


@sidikiiclothing /www.sidikii.com
 I decided to style this amazing shirt with a little more flare. I usually like wearing my graphic tees with tights or sweats. I wanted to show how versatile graphic tees are so I wore them with palazzo pants from Zara. To give the top more structure, I paired it with a fitted leather jacket from Target.

2. Black &White Night

photo 1

Photo Source: Sania Siddiqui

@graffiti_gold / www.graffitiandgold.com

This company makes the most unique designs inspired by Arabic art. Even better news is that this shirt now comes in long sleeves! Since the shirt is center, I kept the rest of the outfit simple with black and white to really bring focus to the design. The vest is from Zara and the pants are from H&M. I’ve also worn this shirt with a tutu skirt!

3. Comfort Pastels

photo 3photo 4

 Photo Source: Sania Siddiqui
@turboutfitters48 / www.turbanoufitters48.com
Last but not least is this powerful graphic tee from Turban Outfitters. There are many companies that are supporting Palestine with their designs, but this one by far has to be my favorite! I wore this shirt with tights because I wanted to go hiking. Pastels are in for this fall, too, so I paired it with a chambray shirt and baby pink hijab. This is also in long sleeves, making it super modest-friendly!
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