10 Relationship Truths for Muslims

1. Do Muslims date?

Do Muslims date?

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Our moms don’t like the word “date” SO we just “talk.” A LOT. With that one friend of the opposite gender.

10 Relationship Truths For Muslims

When everyone knows your “friend” is really your “boyfriend” but it ain’t halal until he puts a ring on it.


Most people find “the one” at bars but we don’t drink. We try to find ours at charity fundraisers or aunties…..

10 Relationship Truths For Muslims

When you get set up on a blind date and bring your guy friends as your mahram (chaperone).

10 Relationship Truths For Muslims
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Love long walks with your “best” friend…make him cross the street and walk on the other side because you don’t want anyone to see you together.


Your mom told you to never talk to someone of the opposite gender ever. BUT you’re 25 and single and she asks why you’re not married. Thanks mom.


We don’t update our Facebook relationship status. It’s single your whole life and then BAM your crush is married. When were they even “looking?”

10 Relationship Truths For Muslims
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Your parents are looking for someone for you from the homeland who you’ll meet once and marry. Do they listen to 2chainz? The real question.


Your parents hire a rishta aunty to find a doctor or engineer but you want the artists.


In high school you promised yourself you’d find someone in the Muslim Student Association (MSA), but all those kids either think you’re their brother/sister in faith or you have sibling-zoned them.

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