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Ishqr Diaries: My Time

I prayed out loud as my friends and I drove back from a woefully disappointing matrimonial mixer. I know it might seem dramatic, but the mixer was just the tip of the ice breaker. Each of us had our own tough experiences over the past few months

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Ishqr Diaries: Sometimes, words fail.

I thought I found my significant other.   It would have been a story worth a movie script considering my sister had been lucky enough to find the right man for her on this very website. After days of arguing and debating, my sister finally convinced me that this forum was the safest way to find…

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Ask Aisha: Twins

Dear Aisha, I’m a mother of identical twin boys. They’re eligible young bachelors – tall, athletic, and finishing up medical school. I have heard of a great girl from a woman in my community. She is young, educated, religious, though she does not wear hijab. Her aunt says she is…

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Reality check

A friend of mine recently went through the unexpected break-up. It was an emotional explosion because she and the boy had finally made it to the comfortable realm of “Islamic” dating, and the relationship had worked its way to the cliff point of marriage (it’s a plunge, and you gotta…

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10 Relationship Truths for Muslims

1. Do Muslims date? Joe- the art of coffee / Via Our moms don’t like the word “date” SO we just “talk.” A LOT. With that one friend of the opposite gender. 2. Via When everyone knows your “friend” is really your “boyfriend” but it ain’t halal until…

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Emotional Plank

This past Ramadan I attended a weekend-long Muslim social bonanza in New York City. I was away from my family for the summer, so it was wonderful to find a spirit of community in such a big city. But by the time the weekend was over, I felt like I…

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