Assistant Editor, Margari Hill, to speak at ISNA 2015

altM’s Assistant Editor, the fabulous Margari Hill, will be speaking on the following panels at ISNA 2015. Make sure to catch at least one of these!


Muslim Americans and the New Jim Crow

This panel will explore why 21st century policing and the criminal justice system matter for Muslims. The panelists will discuss strategies for addressing racial injustice, from po- lice brutality to the prisons to the streets. Some important questions to be raised include: How should the Muslim community focus its energies and resources in developing justice in America? How should the Muslim community be thinking about justice in America in light of our traditions and histories? This panel is intended to be a call to action, with 2-3 take-away items for Muslims to do in their own neighborhoods to ensure justice in their communities.

Speakers: Fahmi Islam Jones, Margari Hill, Khaled Beydoun, Jihad Saafir

Moderator: Namira Islam

Saturday 3:30 – 4:30 PM Session 7D Room 26

Countering the Narrative: Community Responses to CVE

A panel discussion featuring the voices of Muslim Americans from diverse backgrounds and approaches to countering violent extremism. Panelists will also address the CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) Pilot Programs as they are being implemented at the community level. A national perspective will also be provided.

Speakers: Margari Hill, Jaylani Hussein, Yusufi Vali, Michael German Moderator: Corey Saylor

Saturday 4:45 – 5:45 PM Session 8C Room 25

Police brutality and #BlackLivesMatterPolice brutality is in the forefront of news today. In this roundtable, activists and academians will explore its history, the current climate, and ways we can work to address this disturbing trend facing our society today. Come join us as we try to work on solutions which can be used by your communities to build trust and community partnerships.

Speakers: Linda Sarsour, Haroon Najam, Mustafa Abdullah, Margari Hill Facilitator: Mustafa Abdullah

Sunday 9:00 – 10:30 AM DFW Room

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