altM explores faith, fashion – and controversy

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As increasing number of women around the world choose to dress in ways that express their religious beliefs and cultures, Professor Reina Lewis of London College of Fashion, UAL joins with and the Princeton Muslim Life Program to explore the pleasures and pitfalls of ‘modest’ fashion as community and commerce.

With a niche market reaching out to consumers of all faiths and none and an ever-expanding social media, our expert speakers consider the potential of fashion to encourage female participation in social and political life. Characterised by a commitment to women’s freedom to choose how they dress, modest fashion commerce and commentary gets women talking to each other about lives, bodies, aspirations, values, and beliefs across divides of faith and secularity.

Rather than dismiss fashion as trivial, we explore how fashion can develop women as influencers, able to negotiate scrutiny from within their religious communities and challenge prejudice from without.

Joining us will be fashion blogger Whitney Bauck (, designers Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik (, and founder of media company, The Tempest, Laila Alawa (

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  • Ej Ono says:

    It’s so nice to see modest fashion being talked about. People need to be more aware. Well done, I only wish we could have something like this here in Nigeria, because the level of indecency is almost at its peak.
    Good Job.


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