5 Reasons You Should Be Listening to Identity Politics

Identity Politics is an altM podcast focused on race, gender and Muslims in America. This podcast explores how Muslims are balancing and prioritizing their multiple identities and how these intersections influence how they see themselves, interact with each other and their civic engagement in America.

Each month, co-hosts Ikhlas Saleem and Makkah Ali invite a wide variety of guests—professors, writers, activists, artists, students and more—to share their work, stories and perspectives about multiple areas of Muslim life in America.

In Case You’re Still Not Convinced, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Listen:


  1. They say “identity politics” is over but we know it’s not.
    Race, gender and religion are complicated! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it. Hosted by two Black Muslim women, we grapple with the complexities of life at the intersection. We appreciate and elevate the stories that go unheard and forgotten.
  2. We highlight the lives of second and third generation American Muslims.
    Right now, the children of immigrants and American converts are experiencing their Muslim-ness in new ways. Unlike our parents, we’ve been both American and Muslim our entire lives. We’ve had more opportunities to engage with each other across lines of race, gender and class. We’re having tough conversations about who we are, what we value and the communities we hope to create.
  3. We like to learn from the past, while looking toward the future. This is a podcast created by young Muslims for young Muslims, but we also feature many candid conversations with our parents and community leaders about the struggles they have faced, the communities they built and how what they went through compares to the questions young Muslims are struggling to answer today.
  4. We’re having conversations you won’t find anywhere else with folks you don’t usually hear from. The Muslim community is the most diverse faith group in America and this podcast celebrates the full breadth and depth of that diversity. From comparing Beyonce’s philosophy on love to bell hooks’, to discussing how the descendents of slaves are and aren’t similar to the children of African immigrants, we are offering a fresh take and highlighting new perspectives on topics you care about.
  5. We’ll not only keep you informed—we’ll keep you laughing. We like to make sure our listeners have as much fun as we do, so if you’re down for the occasional cheesy joke or bad pun, look no further than the Identity Politics Podcast.


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How to Listen:

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2. Or click the above embedded link to stream the show directly from this page.

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