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An Imran Khan victory bodes poorly for Pakistani women

If, as Imran Khan claims, his party — the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) — is victorious in the Pakistani general election, the women of that nation may face a disastrous era of gender discrimination and repression. The clues that Khan’s ascent bodes poorly for Pakistani women can be found in the…

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A Drop of Love and Diversity

Nearly four decades ago in Lahore, Pakistan my grandmother watched Lady Diana Spencer gingerly step out of a carriage in a froth of white taffeta and walk into St. Paul’s Cathedral to marry Prince Charles. My maternal grandmother, although a married mother of three in her 40s in 1981, couldn’t…

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Nabra Hassanen and reflections on community responses

Reston high school sophomore, Nabra Hassanen, was brutally murdered this Father’s Day at the break of dawn in Sterling, VA, and no amount of fear-mongering can bring her back. After leaving her mosque with a group of friends to secure some food before beginning the day’s fast as a part…

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