Sex and the Muslim Feminist

I first learned about sex positive feminism in a graduate seminar at a large mid-western University. Every Tuesday and Thursday the long bare classroom would fill with students eager to talk about their hook-ups, their predilection for one or another kind of erotica and their general affirmation of the transformative…

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The joy of sex

According to empirical research conducted in 2004 on money, sex, and happiness, increasing the frequency of sex from once a month to once a week can increase a person’s happiness to the same extent as having an additional $50,000 in the bank. In a New York Times Magazine column, Gretchen…

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Back to the future of sex: The return of abstinence

Newsflash! All-out uninhibited, unrestricted sexual freedom is so last decade. A recent Slate article, “Why Is a Former Sex Blogger ‘Rethinking Virginity’?,” reported a drop in young women’s self-exposure on social networking sites. A survey of women bloggers who were previously in the “show more and tell all” school of thought (such as Lena Chen of the “Sex and the Ivy” blog) indicates they have now pulled the blinds down on the blog windows into their sexual lives.

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