Webinar and Twitter Party: Gender, sexuality, and Islam

Muslim women’s voices across the globe continue to rise up to call for change. The days of Muslim men or Western women defining the Muslimah agenda is over. For decades we have seen organizations and individuals rise that promote authentic Muslim women voices. Join us as that conversation continues – this time crossing red lines women face across the globe. Muslim women will come together to discuss the intersection of women’s rights, sexuality, and Islamic teachings.

[tweetthis]Join Manal Omar, altM Advisory Board Member and a women’s rights advocate with over 20 years experience working across the world on the role of Islam in securing women’s rights.[/tweetthis] She will convene a group of powerful Muslim women from diverse backgrounds to continue this important conversation that has been taking place within the community.

In a live webinar with online interaction through Twitter, we will spark a conversation for Muslim women and by Muslim women, rooted in an Islamic theology that addresses questions. Our goal is to foster authentic conversations about the questions we face as women of faith, creating a safe space for women to address issues of sexuality within an Islamic framework.

February 28 — Webinar! Join altM Advisory Board Member, Manal Omar, and altM Editor-in-Chief, Asma Uddin, for a webinar to address issues of gender, sexuality, and Islam with renowned leaders and activists. Webinar hosts will address questions from a live web audience and discuss sexuality, women’s concerns, and Quranic teachings on the body and gender norms. Tweet your questions and opinions with the hashtag #CrossRedLines!

March 6 – Twitter Party! We will launch a Twitter party using the hashtag #CrossRedLines to bring together women from around the world for a global conversation on Islam and sexuality. Be sure to join the conversation and tweet back with #CrossRedLines!

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