Episode 11: White and Muslim in America

It’s time to talk about race with one group of American Muslims we don’t often hear from on this topic: white people. In this episode, we chat with Alex and Lauren, two young white Americans, about how being Muslim influences the way they think about, talk about and experience race.

Guests: Alex and Lauren

Episode details:

  • (1:01) A look back on 2016 and how the podcast went from being a hot mess to Ikhlas and Makkah realizing they might be on to something
  • (4:48) The #RIS2016 controversy and why racial competency is more important than ever
  • (11:00) Making a case for why it’s time to bring white people into conversations about race in America
  • (13:30) An interview with two young white Muslims about how being Muslim complicates their relationship to whiteness

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