Feb. 6: ‘I got this.’

With all the stories on the Internet it can be difficult to always stay in the know. To help, we’ve searched the web for interesting pieces of news, videos and tips to help you start off your week on the right foot.

1. Kids make valentines: ‘To Islam, With Love’

Grace Miller, 2, of Framingham, looked over the cards on display at Massachusetts College of Art and Design on Sunday. The handmade valentines will be delivered to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

Boston Globe correspondent Nicole Fleming writes, “Lots of kids make lots of Valentine’s Day cards this time of year, but the cards hung on a display inside the Massachusetts College of Art and Design on Sunday afternoon were different. Among the usual red and pink, hearts and doilies, glitter and paint, were messages in Arabic.

More than 150 adults and children showed up for ‘To Islam, With Love,’ a card-making marathon at the school’s Design and Media Center.

The handmade pieces will be delivered to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury around Valentine’s Day, along with others mailed in by people who couldn’t attend, said Tanya Nixon-Silberg, co-founder of Wee the People, which organized the event.”

2. SNL Brilliantly Saved This Sketch After the Muslim Ban Was Suspended

Esquire’s Sammy Nickalls writes, “If you think keeping up with the news has been crazy, imagine what it’s like in the Saturday Night Live writer’s room.

SNL shot a brief-but-brilliant sketch about the ‘updated’ U.S. customs video in the wake of President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, featuring a chipper Cecily Strong from U.S. Customs and Border Protection…and Beck Bennett as a Homeland Security bureaucrat who has some crude edits.

However, it was announced that federal judge James Robart had temporarily blocked the order. Great news, of course, but a problem for SNL writers. Luckily, they dubbed a quick voiceover at the end of the video, showing Bennett on the phone saying incredulously, ‘A judge blocked the ban? No, please, I just made the whole video!'”

3. People can’t stop sharing this cartoon about Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Created by Cynthia Sousa (@theamat) and Sam Machado (@samscenarist)

Referencing a U.S. appeals court that denied the Justice Department’s request to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban Mashable’s Heather Dockray writes, “Columns, hot takes and caps lock Facebook posts followed. But this cartoon,  created by Cynthia Sousa (@theamat) and Sam Machado (@samscenarist) and originally published on Cartoon Movement, explains it better than pretty much anything else can.”



5. Afghanistan’s First Female Wushu Trainer Teaches Young Women To Slash The Patriarchy

In this photograph taken on January 29, 2017, Afghan members of a Wushu martial arts group display their skills as they pose for a photograph at the Shahrak Haji Nabi hilltop overlooking Kabul.
Afghanistan’s first female Wushu trainer, Sima Azimi, 20, is training 20 Afghan girls aged between 14 – 20 at a Wushu club in Kabul, after learning the sport while living as a refugee in Iran. / AFP / WAKIL KOHSAR (Photo credit should read WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP/Getty Images)

The Huffington Post’s Priscilla Frank writes, “In late January, a group of young women aged 14 to 20 gathered on a snowy hilltop overlooking Kabul, Afghanistan, where they meet each week no matter the weather.

Photographer Wakil Kohsar chronicled the stunning assembly, as teen girls wielding silver swords moved rhythmically through space. Donning matching pink robes and white hijab, they gathered before their teacher Sima Azimi to train in the ancient Chinese martial art form known as Wushu.”

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This list was curated by Kaitlin Montgomery, altM News Editor

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